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Inverse Breakdown Forward Characteristic Of Diode
Apr 10, 2017

In the electronic circuit, the cathode of the diode is connected to the high potential end, the cathode is connected to the low potential end, the diode will lead, this connection mode, called forward bias. It is important to note that when the positive voltage is added to the diode at the ends of an hour, the diode is still unable to guide the forward current flowing through the diode. Only when the positive voltage reaches a certain value (this value is called "gate voltage", also known as "dead Zone voltage", germanium tube about 0.1V, silicon tube about 0.5V), the diode can be straight forward. The voltage at both ends of the diode is basically unchanged (germanium tubes are about 0.3V, the silicon tubes are about 0.7V), called the "Positive pressure drop" of the diode.